You Are My True


You Are My True

Well, we’ve got some big news today.  

Any of you who have worked with us have known for a long time that the title Nathan Russell Photography doesn’t really accurately describe who we are.  Because there’s two of us. There is no such thing as Nathan Russell Photography without Amy. She's been there, pretty much from the beginning.  She’s a gifted photographer, an amazing stylist, and she is creatively, half of this endeavor.  The reality is, the name Nathan Russell Photography just doesn’t get to the heart of it.  It’s only half the story.  

So, today, we’re changing that.  

Starting today, we are so excited to announce that Nathan Russell Wedding Photography will be called You Are My True.  

New year. New name.  New website.  New look.  

Same two people.  Same commitment to telling the best wedding stories we can. 

So we leave Nathan Russell Wedding Photography here.  This will be the last post at From now on you’ll be able to find us at our new home:  We hope you guys will make the journey with us.  Put our new website and journal into your bookmarks, rss reader or Flipboard, and find us at all our new social media profiles as well.  Like us at our new Facebook page, and follow us around the web.  All the links are below.  

As we open this new chapter in our own story, we want to say thank you to all of you who have allowed us to be a part of yours.    

amy & nathan



Happy Christmas

To all of you, our friends, family, couples, dear ones. As we look back on 2014 we feel especially thankful this year, to know you, to be a part of your stories, to live life alongside you, and to call you our friends.  We are so lucky to know every one of you.  

Thank you.  

Cheers to 2014, and may our paths cross in the coming year. 

Happy Holidays. Love,

Amy & Nathan